The Story so Far

September 24, 2017 Uncategorized

Where we currently stand. 

For those of you not following us on social media here is an update on how we are getting on.

The Core Range

After years and years of prototype brewing we are finally 100% happy (blown away) with  3 out of 4 of our core range of beers. One More, Fragile X and our classic American IPA which is part of the spectrum range.  Bollingham Bitter, our ESB is 99% ready, just needing a few tweaks to get the beer to perfection.

All our beers have been developed using a great little Kit called ‘The Grainfather’. This is the vessel you can see in some of the photo’s on the website. All our prototype batches have been 23 litres, much less than the 818 litre batches we will be brewing commercially. For this reason the first few beers will be released as separate versions. As we get to know our kit we expect to have to make a few tweaked here and there and we really appreciate any feedback to help us make the most enjoyable beer possible. As we do this I plan to blog about the tweaks, so anybody interested can see what’s happening.

The Brewery

The old 3 bay garage is no more and standing in its place is our brewery building with a window, a front door and some barn doors for incoming malt and outgoing beer.  Unfortunately planning permission has put us back a little bit, but I’m sure this will be sorted soon.

It’s definitely exiting times at the moment, there is still a long to do list but with the continuing help from the local community, I’m sure we will be up and running before long!

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