Sunny Summer of Brewing

August 16, 2018 Uncategorized

What a summer it’s been so far! 

We are now on gyle 8. That’s 8 brews we have brewed in our amazing brewery. 3 of these being brews of One More. Which has been refreshing beer drinkers across Yorkshire.

After all the hard work, hurdle’s and challenges, it’s fantastic to be constantly brewing, selling and delivering our beers. Beers we have worked so hard to produce. It’s been a massive team effort and we can’t thank everybody that has helped enough!

Whats being said.

So far the feedback we have received has been fantastic, with lots of happy landlords and landladies commenting how fast they are getting through casks of our beer. We have had so much positive feedback from beer drinkers alike appreciating not only on the taste of our beer but the ethos behind Spotlight Brewing.

What’s to come?

Well, we now feel super confident with our equipment so it’s time to start brewing up some interesting and challenging beers alongside our core range. We are currently experimenting with Kviek yeast, a super complex and interesting Norwegian farmhouse yeast which will be making an appearance in a couple of beers soon.

We are also working with PWSA UK on our newest addition to our core range “With or Without”, a hop-forward American Pale coming soon. This will be helping to raise awareness for Prada-Willi syndrome and we will add more information to our website regarding this soon. 

We have also brewed up a festival special with the help from a couple of CAMRA guys for the York Beer Festival this September. It’s a session porter with vanilla and blueberries and it’s tasting fantastic! We are doing something slightly different with this beer and are using it to help raise awareness for depression. When looking further into this, it amazed us how many people have dark moments in their lives and how many people are affected by depression. 

We are looking forward to working with more pubs and charities to continue supplying the best beer we can and raising awareness one beer at a time!







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