One More

One More-Session Pale Ale

One More is our session pale ale. A craft cask ale, made with British Maris Otter, Caaramber malt and Oats.  We have used Magnum and Perle hops for bittering. Then a big dose of Cascade, Motueka, and Simcoe hops for the lovely American aroma.

Down’s Syndrome

This beer is our tribute to those with Down’s Syndrome, otherwise known as Trisomy 21. The cause of Down’s Syndrome is to do with a chance extra copy of chromosome 21. Typically you would expect the nucleus of each cell to contain 23 pairs of the chromosome, which are evenly inherited by both parents. People with Down’s Syndrome actually have 3 copies of chromosome 21, Unfortunately, chromosome 21 is where a gene called APP lies. This gene is known to have a link with dementia. This means those with Down’s Syndrome are much more likely to develop Dementia in later life.

For more information check out the Down’s Syndrome Association website –


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