Fragile X

Fragile X – Slightly Smoked Porter

Fragile X is our slightly smoked porter. The basis of a good porter is a well-crafted selection of malt in the recipe. After many a prototype, we think we have found a tasty combination.
The malt bill includes oak smoked malt, Maris Otter, chocolate malt, brown malt, flaked oats and some crystal malt. We have used Magnum at the start of the boil to provide a small amount of bitterness, then a small amount of East Kent Goldings for a subtle hop aroma.

Fragile X
Fragile X is a genetic condition which more than likely leads to learning disabilities. This often affects males more severely than females. Along with challenges in attention and focus, those with fragile X will develop characteristical features like well-defined jaws and larger foreheads and ears.
Fragile X occurs in 1 in every 4000 males and 1 in every 8000 females. It is caused by the mutation of a certain gene (FMR1). This gene has a leading role in the production of a protein called FMRP. This protein helps regulate the production of lots of other proteins. This mutation means a certain DNA segment is repeated over 200 times. Normally this segment is only repeated 5 – 40 times. People can have this DNA repetition up to 200 times and still show no signs of the syndrome.

Please visit the Fragile X Society for more information –

Fragile X

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