Bollingham Bitter

Bollingham Bitter is our version of a traditional English ale, but we like to add a twist. A complex malt bill with a generous amount of wheat malt gives the beer great body. For the hops, we bittered with Magnum and Perle. All the aroma comes from East Kent Goldings. This balances the malty background with a nice amount of bitterness and a gentle English hop kick.

Bollingham Bitter is brewed to honour our good friend Paul Bollingham who sadly passed away to SUDEP.
(Sudden Unexpected Death In Epilepsy)
Unfortunately, they are 3 epilepsy-related deaths a day in the UK alone. 
And is an extra burden to those already worrying about a surprise seizure. 
Seizures do not only present themselves as jerking. 
And if you ever come across someone you fear is having a seizure call an ambulance and take note of the time straight away!