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Welcome to Spotlight Brewing

We are a micro brewery / social enterprise based on the outskirts of Snaith. We love brewing top quality craft beer. Along with providing a tailored work place for people with learning disabilities.  All while trying to educate and raise awareness one beer at a time.

Check out the beers we produce and learn about how each beer links to different learning disabilities Here


Brewery Launch

On the 27th of January, we are having our brewery launch! To celebrate the launch of Spotlight Brewing we are having an evening of beer, burgers, and bluegrass. From 6 pm we will be taking over the taps at Yorkshire Ales in Snaith. There will be  One More, Fragile X, Bollingham Bitter, and a Heritage …

The Story so Far

Where we currently stand.  For those of you not following us on social media here is an update on how we are getting on. The Core Range After years and years of prototype brewing we are finally 100% happy (blown away) with  3 out of 4 of our core range of beers. One More, Fragile …


Here at Spotlight Brewing, we have three goals:

1. To craft great beer!

2. To provide a supportive and tailored working environment for people with Intellectual Disabilities.

3. To raise awareness and educate about the challenges people living with different Intellectual Disabilities face.

Our Beers

Below is a selection of our craft beers and the stories behind their names. One of the aims as a brewery is to raise awareness around Learning Disabilities. Each beer that we craft is linked to a specific LD, so while enjoying your favorite pint of Spotlight beer, please take a few minutes to read through your beers web page and hopefully learn something new along the way.

Core Range

Alongside our core range, we look forward to brewing up some specials throughout the year.


Coming soon. A chance to buy your favorite Spotlight brew.